I feel like this is a record streak of stating how awesome the fishing is, but September through November occasionally into January has been good for me consistently over the past few years. Despite the lack of pogies or a good nearshore mullet run this Fall, it has been the best since 2014 for me.

The trout and small black drum have provided steady action with many trips consisting of dozens of trout as well as a handful of black drum opportunities. Certain places have crystal clear (not clean) water while others are not as good. No brown tide to my knowledge, but I expect that to change in the north BRL towards Christmas and possibly spreading west into the IRL around Merritt Island The trout are not picky. They should hit anything that moves under 4 inches long. For the black drum, use the lightest leader you can and dead shrimp.

The nearshore action is hit or miss with good days and slow days. Bluefish, spanish mackerel, whiting, pompano, black drum, small sharks, and tripletail are all possible. You won’t know until you go unless someone tells you immediately before.

Kingfish have been around, but please keep your distance from the commercial and charter boats as they do their circles. Dead baits have been working, especially since live has been extremely scarce. Slow troll them, but try have at least one on top and one with a small weight to cover the column. We tried chicken rigging in our remaining time, but the sharpnose sharks were thick. If you can get away from them and weed through the red snapper, legal snappers, porgies, triggerfish, and more good eats are probably down there. Lastly, always have a cobia rod readily available.

I will try to post more recent videos to my channel ASAP. I apologize for lagging behind, but enjoy these videos for now.