Fall fishing is turning on here on The Harris Chain of Lakes. The lakes are starting to turn over with temperatures being more cooler than the scorching summer temps. Bass will be heading towards the shallows looking for fingerling shad, and other forage. And eventually looking for spawning habitat. Clean hard bottom areas are key for finding those areas.

Chatterbaits fished around coves, pockets, and boat docks are a necessity for larger catches. Lipless crankbaits in 1/2 oz size are the standard but you can also try a 3/4 oz bait for a larger bait profile. You can use these baits as a search tool to find active feeding fish, find different types of structure i.e., submerged grasses. Spinnerbaits casted to lilly pads, hydrilla and pencil reeds are all fishy looking areas that I am always in search of. Topwater baits can also be a great way to trigger explosive strikes. Walking baits with a steady twitch to walk the dog are my favorites. Be prepared for strike and count to two before setting the hook. Bait colors to try are white, silver, sexy shad, chrome and black, gold and black. Soft plastic colors to try are junebug, watermelon red, black and blue just to name a few.

This time of the year is enjoyable with cooler weather and make sure to take a kid fishing. Now is the perfect time to get on the schedule to book your own guided bass fishing charter also would make a great present for the angler in your life. Checkout cprbasscharters.com for more information and tons of outdoor content.