snook fishing

Being a fishing guide, you definitely don’t get to choose your fishing conditions. One thing I have learned more than anything is that you have to adapt and use the conditions in your favor.

This week, myself and another guide friend of mine did some scouting for my trips this week. With an approaching tropical storm, heavy winds, and the on and off rain, it seemed as if things were definitely not in our favor! Luckily, the fish are already wet and the crazy spastic weather produced one of the best bites I’ve had all year.

We spent the day starting a little later due to cooler water temps and focused on areas where the wind would be at our back and blowing around mangrove points and areas that had a little deeper water. This provides a safe haven and a great ambush point for predators such as redfish, trout, and snook. With all the wind and dirty water, we decided to use baits that really stood out; brighter colors such as chartreuse and glow help ensure that the baits are noticed. I always tend to use scented plastics such as Gulp just for that added attractant.

Don’t let the wind and rain keep ya down, windy points with deep water nearby are fantastic places to fish this time of year and the bite can be fantastic!