pompano report

After hearing of a “hot bite” at Bonsteel beach over the weekend, on Monday I headed there. Arriving at the parking lot at 6:15am it was already packed. 60-70 poles lined the beach as I drug my cart south about 300 yards to find an opening. With my poles set up I watched up and down the beach as very few fish came across the sand in the 4 hours I was there. I headed out with 4 whiting to show for the effort. Tuesday came and I was going to avoid crowds and head to a more obscure beach. Sleeping in and not hitting the beach until after 8:30am those instincts paid off. The water was pristine, clean, clear, and calm. I held bottom easily with 3oz weights. I had my 1st pompano before I had my 2nd pole set up. The bite was slow but steady until I landed my 6th keeper pomp for a limit to send me home. In between I caught 9 healthy whiting, a couple jacks and a few small pompano. All fish took live sand fleas, More productive and more relaxing on a beautiful calm clear January morning following my gut.