This week of inshore fishing had a lot of action on topwater lures, but it was also kind of a mess. The first speckled trout I caught ended up slipping out of my hand and landing a few of the treble hooks into my hand while it flailed around. Luckily, the bards didn’t sink in, so I had just a little bruising. I caught a few more 15-16 inch trout in that area that didnt make the video. I somehow lost the footage. That was okay though because I did manage to film two of the biggest fish I’ve seen this year. At first I thought I hooked into a small bull shark, because all I saw was a big head wake, a dark shadow, and nothing but power the moment it hit my topwater. My knot failed, which is very rare for me, and I lost the fish before I even got the chance to put up a fight. A few moments later, I saw that it was big snook that was trying to shake the lure out while still busting on mullet. I felt pretty bad about having the lure still stuck to the fish but I’m sure it shook out or rusted out by now.

As I saw him swim around the flats, I tried to make a few casts to see if I could re-catch the Snook, since he was still feeding. Instead I hooked up on the biggest trout I’ve ever caught on topwater. She was just shy of 25 inches, but she engulfed a Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil. This was my second 25 inch trout on the year, the first came on a gulp shrimp that I put some bling on. This also my second PB of the year on topwater. I also caught a 32” redfish a few weeks ago. So far this season the Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil and the Rapala Skitter Walk have been putting in work. I’d like to do a more in depth review of these lures soon. I want to feature a lot of different topwaters but really wanted to put each one through its paces before I talk about them.

Until next time, stay funky!