This week is all about the tripletail! Tripletail are one of the hardest fighting, best eating and overall one of the oldest and coolest gamefish around. In my opinion, this week has been some fantastic fishing for this species. I’ve been catching them from 8 all the way to 20 pounds, even.

I find most people over complicate or overlook tripletail without even meaning to. My favorite way to fish this species is around heavy structure, or floating weed and debris. These fish will often lay on their side and look like giant floating trash can lids or some sort of garbage floating in the water. With that being said, keep your eyes peeled around any sort of debris! Anything from a coke bottle, to floating logs, and even dead marine life even will hold these fish. Color changes and weedlines are also among the endless areas these fish will hangout.

As far as tackle, a medium heavy 10/20lb line rating rod with a 5000 size reel is my standard setup. Something light, but not too light in case I really need to put some heat on the fish to get away from structure, 30lb fluorocarbon or even 40 at times is about the heaviest I prefer. Anything more I feel is over kill or can decrease your amount of bites.

When it comes to bait, my favorite bait of choice is a hand-picked shrimp, or any small live bait will work, as well. 4/0 j hooks and jigheads are great for these baits and fish. I personally don’t like fishing artificials for these fish, they are often highly pressured and have seen a lot of different baits. However, if I do decide to use artificial, small shrimp pattern flies and Gulp shrimp are two great choices that can often help entice a bite!

With the cooler weather this hot tripletail bite should continue when the winds will allow!