black drum

It’s been another great week of catching for us at Fineline Fishing Charters. Captain Justin And I have been fishing the lagoons the near shore waters and the offshore waters with great success. In the lagoons the trout bite has been on fire on some days and we’ve been catching 30, 40, or even more speckled trout per trip. Saltwater Assassin 4 to 5-inch sea Shad and straight tailed jerk baits are working really well on most days. Live baits have been best for the upper slot to mid 20-inch fish.

We’ve also been getting some giant black drum on some days. These fish have been consistently growing larger and larger each year. Saltwater Assassin 4-inch sea shad in the pimp daddy color tipped with a strip of clam or crab flavored Fishbites has been one of the better ways to catch these fish lately. We’ve also recently started using the R&R Tackle Upperman style jigs in 1/2 ounce on fish that are holding in deep holes of 15 to 20-feet. We spread procure crab sent on these Upperman style jigs, and also tip them with a piece of Fishbites for added attraction.

The way that Black drum feed is very similar to how a cow feeds. When they are moving slowly around they are usually feeding. If you spook them and get them running they can’t and don’t feed very well. So Captain Justin and I try to get our customers close enough to these fish to get good shots at them but not so close that they get nervous.

Tarpon, shark, king mackerel have been our most abundant near shore targets this week and on the offshore grounds the kings, red snapper, and dolphin fishing has been good.

We’re really booked up for much of the rest of this month with only a few openings left, but we will try to find an opening for any of our Spacefish readers who are looking to go out and catch a memory. Just call 321-636-3728 or 321-505-8217 and leave a message if we are too far offshore to receive your call.