tarpon on the beach

The weed is gone! Well, for the most part… Also, the mullet are starting to show up. That means fall is on its way. With big mullet moving through the surf, the tarpon, snook, and sharks are all fired up. My favorite way to target these fish is with a plug, swim-bait, or spoon. This allows you to be mobile. No dragging around a bucket, cast-net, and other gear. Just a rod and a backpack.

Here’s a quick list of some lures I like: Tsunami Swim Shad 7″, Yozuri Mag Darter, YoZuri Hydro Minnow, Rapala Xrap, Hogy Paddletail, Spoolteks, and Spoons. I like all these lures in with a dark top and light bottom or solid white. Lately, I’ve been playing around with JigSkinz to put my own custom patterns on them. I’ve been doing very well with the Pogy pattern.

If the fish seem to be staying in one spot, or you just want to fish live bait, that can work very well, too. Personally, I like to fish heavier gear because I want to be prepared for that big tarpon. I fish 20-30lb invisibraid with 60-80lb Tsunami fluorocarbon leader. If I’m targeting snook, I’ll drop down to 40lb leader with a hook size 4/0 – 8/0 depending on the size of the bait.

tarpon fishing surf

If you are after more of the traditional-style of surf fishing in our area, there are still some Whiting, Croakers, and even some nice Pompano around to be caught. Use a Pompano rig such as the Pompano Riggs by Couture with a 3oz lead. You may need to adjust the weight depending on the conditions, but it has been very calm lately. Even on the calm days, I still suggest the 3oz. It will help you get a good hook-set when the fish grabs your bait (sandfleas, clams, or shrimp).

Here’s some more crazy Tarpon battles for you to enjoy and there are more to come, so make sure you subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

Get out there and have fun!