bass report

I managed to fish two times this past week. One day at Headwaters and the other day at Garcia.

On Headwaters we hit our favorite spot first thing. It’s always a great topwater bite. I’m still throwing my favorite Yo Zuri Prop bait because the bass love to eat it. This special little spot also will gauge how the rest of our day will be for catching fish. If we only get a few fish we have a slow bite for the rest of the day, but if it’s on fire, we do well after the sun gets higher and HOTTER. We have started to try new areas this week, too. With 10,000 acres of water we haven’t touched but a very little area.

The next day I did a solo outing to Lake Garcia. It’s like a small puddle compared to Headwaters but it’s my favorite lake. It was a slower bite and by 9am it was already 90 out. I like throwing my 7wt fly rod tied up with a popper style bug but they had no intention of eating that. I then threw an EZ Swimmer in and out of the submerged hydrilla and picked up several. I did see a couple of beds that looked like they may start to show signs of spawning on the next full moon. Garcia is one area that gives you the opportunity to be able to see the beds as it has a good sandy bottom for the bass.

submerged hydrilla

Lake Garcia’s sandy bottom provides a nice look at its submerged hydrilla beds.

All in all, it was good to be on the water and I am really looking forward to some comforting weather to be able to fish all day instead of sizzling like a piece of bacon on a pan.