surf report

Last week the seas were calm and clear; the fishing from the beach should have been on fire, yet it was quiet. The weather turned going into the weekend with the winds shifting and the seas picking up. By Sunday, the swell was bigger and the water started to get a bit dirty. Sunday’s fishing was fine with several whiting and a lone pompano in my cooler when I headed home.

Monday came with bigger seas, a wind out of the Southeast and the current pushing north. I hit the beach about 10:00 am, 90 minutes before low tide, hoping the incoming tide would clean the water up a bit. The clatter of the bull dozer spreading the fresh replenishment sand kept me company, along with the gulls, pipers and other birds that have grown accustomed to me tossing my used fleas to them for a free meal. In the rough surf, 4 oz pyramid sinkers struggled to hold bottom so I switched to 4oz Sputniks. The water was dirty and my 1st fish of the day was a catfish. Several whiting, a bluefish, a few small and 1 keeper pompano, a couple small jacks and 5 bonnethead sharks rounded out the day. I headed home about 2:00 pm, taking 20 whiting and the lone pompano and bluefish.