Grayson with a 34 inch snook caught skipping residential docks in the indian river lagoon from this week!

This week has been less than ideal conditions. Between the wind, rain, heat, and algae blooms throughout the entire lagoon system, all the odds have been stacked against us, but we’ve still been able to find a pretty decent bite! With the added rainfall the water has came up a pretty good bit.

With all these variables, the best game plan seemed to be residential docks. Docks provide an excellent source of shade for fish to beat the heat, as well as a great area for a plethora of bait fish, organisms and crustaceans. We started out the morning using topwater plugs and sub surface lures with plenty of action from sea trout to tarpon, the higher the sun rose the more we focused our attention to shadow lines and areas with as much shade as possible and we were not disappointed. Most fish were sitting under docks with the least amount of room possible, the harder the cast the better the fishing! With the dirty water, a scented, bright-colored bait always seems to be the best bet! Gulp shrimp in pearl white with any color 1/8 oz jighead is my go to! This is an awesome summer time pattern and even with all the negative conditions still seems to be working well!

I highly encourage everyone to catch and release in the river even with snook season approaching. The more we leave the more we will have!