Catching our red snapper was not a problem and we got some big mangrove snapper in the mix. We struck out on tarpon off the beach Wednesday but that was a good thing because we changed our tactic for red snapper completely. Nearshore tarpon fishing still will be good anytime the water is above 76 or so. Nothing major is happening with cobia, but be ready while snapper fishing.

The thermocline has been patchy. If your weights come up cold, you’ll want to move to a different area or work the column. As long as it isn’t too cold, red snapper can be caught on any piece of structure in 50-250ft of water. Almost any live or dead bait under 12 inches works.

Remember your patience and etiquette at the boat ramp and on the water. Stage everything before arriving at the ramp. Yield to charters and don’t cast weights at boats if they get too close. Expect to see a lot people with no experience fishing or boating. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t hear of any vehicles or boats sinking. Port Canaveral doesn’t have very much parking and it should be reserved for nearby residents and fishing guides. I encourage those in Orlando to go to Ponce or Sebastian to save the time and hassle of Canaveral.