huge redfish

This week has been some really insane fishing! With the recent warm up the fish are definitely fired up! Mangrove shorelines and spoil islands still seem to be the best bet. When fishing these areas I have noticed the more black mullet the more predators like redfish, trout, and snook have been present. It’s simple — find the bait and find the fish; however, most would think these mullet are getting eaten, but that’s not typically the case. The big draw for the predators are what these black mullet are kicking up off the bottom: lots of crabs, shrimp and other small forage. These make easy meals for predatory fish.

With the temps being warmer, the best time has been early morning til around 11am. My favorite way to catch fish in the Spring has got to be topwater plugs. Starting early with small Rapala skitter walks can be phenomenal for large sea trout, snook and more species. As the sun rises and the topwater bite slows, I like switching to swimbaits and jerkshads such as Gulp and Slayer Inc. It never hurts to switch up to a live finger mullet, or even larger cut baits for bigger redfish, either.

April is an awesome month and hopefully the epic fishing will continue!