vermillion snapper fishing

Vermillionaires! We have struck vermillion gold and we couldn’t be happier. The 100ft or less ledges have shut down and that is our cue to rig the small hooks and squid and search out red gold. This is a very simple style of fishing that provides great action and unbelievable table fare “especially when cooked whole.” To strike red gold, head to 120 to 200ft on any structure natural or artificial. Fish a 2 hook chicken rig or single hook knocker rig with the appropriate amount of weight and small strong sharp hooks 1/0 to 3/0. Use small pieces of squid or shrimp for bait. In addition to vermillion snapper, you will catch triggerfish, porgies and lane snapper.

This week we will scout and prepare for the crazy red snapper weekend ahead. We all know red snapper are plentiful but if we have calm seas the ocean will get very small in a awful hurry. The common and what you think are not so common spots will get hit hard and these fish just might be a bit more of a challenge than expected. Our game plan unfortunately will be hit big structure with big marks. We apologize ahead of time to those fishing personal boats and targeting large structure. The BIG BOAT rule will be in effect. We are not trying to be rude but we will have a full boat everyday and we have to let these people fish. We will not be able to endlessly travel the ocean looking for a rock that no one is on. We look forward to seeing everyone on the water.

Let’s all try to get along this snapper derby. Remember our fight is not with each other, we are all victims of very poor fishery management. We hope everyone enjoys their time on the water and is able to get their 1 snapper per person limit.