snook season

Michael with a nice snook from earlier in the week!

It sure has been a hot week here on the Space Coast! Warm weather and afternoon thunderstorms, the typical summer time patterns are still in play! This week, I focused my attention to the inlets and passes in search of snook in anticipation of snook season.

From Fort Pierce to Ponce Inlet, and everywhere in between, snook can be commonly found around the inlets. Most fish will stack along the edge of rock jetties and other forms of structure in search of large bait fish and crustaceans. When snook fishing, I prefer a large live bait on a 6/0 Gamakatsu “J” style live bait hook and the least amount of lead I can get away with according to the wind and tides. The less restriction on the bait, the better!

Croakers, pigfish, pinfish and jumbo shrimp are a few good bait choices. Look for bait activity, current breaks, or drop-offs along these areas for best results. Another great technique is fishing large plugs, rapala x raps, bomber windcheaters and other lipped plugs fishing parallel along the rocks. This can be a sure bet at times! Make sure you fish the plugs as tight to the structure as possible. This often leads to a reaction bite — especially if the bite seems to be slow!

I highly encourage everyone fishing the lagoon to catch and release even with snook season quickly approaching!