Alex redfish

Typically, September is a great month throughout the entirety of Florida’s east coast. Mullet begin to funnel down the beach, snook season opens, and the breeder redfish definitely get more active from the flats to the beach!

Water quality issues can definitely play a huge role in these fish, where they move and how they feed, most fish right now are being caught around deeper channels and drop offs along fishing with live baits such as pinfish and blue crabs. Unfortunately, opportunities haven’t presented themselves yet for much artificial fishing.

For anglers looking for consistent action, the beach has been full of Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and smaller jacks. This provides great action for young kids or someone just wanting to bend a rod. Trolling or casting small gotcha lures or silver spoons are great ways to get on a good bite, and a small section of light wire for leader isn’t a bad idea when fishing for these toothy critters.

Let’s not forget to handle the larger redfish with care as they provide a vital role in producing more fishing for our estuary! The average bull red between 30-40 inches can be as old as 30 years old, always try to get them in as fast as possible and to never hold vertically.