surf report pompano

It ain’t over til the fat lady sings, and I can hear her her in the distance!

With Pompano season officially over, this will be my last report for a while. I want to start off by saying thank you to everybody who has tuned into Spacefish over the last year to read my surf fishing reports. We had a great pompano run this year and I look forward to an even better one next season!

While waiting for the coming season, I like to prepare myself for next year’s pompano run. This is the time to service all of your fishing reels and apply new fishing line to make sure they are all in tip top shape when the pompano are back on Brevard-area beaches. Another thing I like to do to prepare myself is to hit the beach in search of fleas to rake up, blanche off and freeze. When employing this method, make sure you are instantly putting the fleas in ice water to cool before patting the fleas dry with paper towel for freezing.

I want to finish my last report of the season by reminding you guys that, even though the pompano are very few and far between this time of the year, you can still fill up your cooler with plenty of whiting and croakers. Add sheepshead to that list if you’re able to fish around structure. Bait of choice for these species is going to be Fishbites, peeled shrimp, sand fleas and fiddler crabs.

If you’re still having that Pompano fever and are ready for a summer vacation, you can always book a trip to Alabama or the OBX, NC. That’s where the Pompano are heading and will be until the cold forces them back down to us in mid October. Otherwise, the beaches on our Space Coast Will still have plenty of action as the summer surf bite heats up for the huge Tarpon and over slot Snook! To cover these subjects, I’ll be passing the torch to my good friend Joey Antoneli to be filling in for me until Pompano season returns. Joey is a highly respected angler in our area and has a strong following on YouTube. Stay tuned to some awesome fishing from him followed by some incredibly helpful reports!

I’m signing off here and wish all of you guy’s tight lines and even tighter knots!