The last two weeks I’ve gone fishing I’ve caught a shark. Not that I mind, but this week I decided to chase some of the black drum, trout, and other good eats I’m reading about on here so I went to the river to fish the lagoon and NIR area.

I put in at Riverbreeze and went straight to the “bush.” I didn’t catch anything of note until almost lunch time.

I was free-lining a finger mullet, within eyesight of JB’s fish camp no less (where I was stopping for lunch), when the drag started going so I set the hook. To my surprise, deep up the river, I caught another shark!

Three sharks in three weeks… I think they’re following me now.

It wasn’t the biggest shark, about a three footer, but I thought it surprising to catch yet another shark so far in the river system.

Here’s a quick vid of the lil’ guy.