snook fishing

This week there were some big fish out but nothing huge to the boat. My dad and I fished the sunrise with topwater and got hit by what sounded like a big snook, but didn’t ever get hooked. After that we couldn’t stay away from jack so we decided to net some bait. Within 30 minutes of cast netting our livewells were loaded with croakers, threadfin, and menhaden. I put a croaker right on the edge of a dock at our first spot and it immediately got eaten, ran straight into the dock and broke off before I even knew what was going on. It was probably either an overslot snook or an over slot red. We then moved to another dock and saw a bunch of big snook and reds but nothing wanted our bait. At our second spot we had one bait taken without hooking up and a 27 inch snook to the boat. These summer rainstorms are making it hard to get out for a long day of fishing and this week’s forecast looks the same. Hopefully I can find some fish early in the morning and not have to fight the weather.