‘Tis the Season… for Pompano!

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Pompano season is arriving

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. and pompano!

As the weather and water starts to cool down with passing fronts, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get out to the beach and catch some of these wave runners! The best days to go target pompano on the Space Coast is two days before and 1-2 days after the fronts! I’m frequently asked, “what’s the best tide, Caleb?” My answer is… simply in your time at your beach and find out for yourself. Camp out all day make yourself comfortable and, most importantly… Take notes!

You’ll usually find that it’s best between coming tides wether it’s an hour before or an hour after high or low tide. Try and stick up on sand fleas and blanch them while you can! You don’t wanna be that guy that’s on the beach not catching them when they start going off! Being prepared is key to staying on top of these fish! Having a mixed assortment of live/blanched fleas, artificial baits (such as Fishbites) is also a must have! If none of these baits are catching fish in your area then move to the next good outflow!

Sometimes you gotta really put in some time to find these fish, but when you find them it’s usually a sweet sprinting race to see how many pompano you can reel in on 3 or 4 rods without either the tax man grabbing one (AKA Shark of any kind!) or simply just spit the hook! Remember these fish have a PHD in getting off the hook so reel fast and keep that rod tip up! If you do just that, then you might just fill the cooler!

Remember, whiting are very good to eat as well! Although small they are packed with tons of fat and natural flavor! I get just as excited when I catch a stud whiting as I do a stud pompano! I look forward to seeing you guys this weekend at the Fort Pierce Causeway and Boat show this Friday-Sunday! I’ll be doing a seminar on pompano fishing on both the intercostal and on the beach’s all three days. I’ll also have a booth setup where I’ll have Pompano Riggs and jigs for sale! After you see me go check out the guys from fishbites! They’ll have a booth right next to mine with “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” deals and more! Don’t miss out!

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Caleb is the creator of Riggs by Couture and a professional surf fishing guide at Tradewinds Surf Fishing Charters. To book a surf fishing charter, call (321) 271-1061.

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