Interesting fishing trip this week. I’ve still been sticking to my topwater rotation of lures. The bite as slowed down compared to a month or two ago but I’m still able to consistently catch fish. This week I caught a couple of nice speckled trout on a Yozuri hydro pencil. It was a black top and mullet silver on the sides. Usually birds are smart enough to ignore my topwater lures but this lure was picked up twice by ospreys. Luckily they drop it once they figured out somethings not right. I also got completely trolled by a dolphin who was bummed I didn’t give him the fish I caught. You can see in the video he just shoots by the boat purposely scaring up everything and then leaves as fast as possible. The next morning I took my buddy Andrew out to the same area. He has never caught a fish on topwater before, it was slow again but he ended up getting on a nice 21 inch speckled trout. All n all a solid outing.

Catch ya next time,