dolphin offshore canaveral

This week, the weeds weren’t quite as bad, but they are still getting in the way, and the shagging continues. That aside, the fishing has been really good! Kingfish are growing and some big smokers were caught this week. We hit the limit pretty much every single day with six or seven people in the boat. 8A was especially productive. In addition to kings, ailfish, bonito, crevales, and even mahi mahi were all caught in 75′ of water. Live bunker have been plentiful and are working as a sure bet for the majority of fish, but bring a box of frozen minnows out with you in case you can’t find them. You can leave the heavy gear at home; keep it simple and get put your small stinger rigs to work. Fish the Port basins early in the morning before shifting your focus to the beach.

Have fun and get your kids out there this summer!