We’re Gonna Have A Shrimp Run 2019

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Lots of buzz concerning Central Florida and South Florida shrimping. It’s my prediction this will be a late start season but it will arrive. Oak Hill and Edgewater catching dozens, if that. Hundreds of mature catfish school the lights and shut down the anglers visibility. This is 3rd year warm water shrimping keeps fish and bait active. They are attracted to light. It’s ok to eat the shrimp in Brevard County despite the sewage spills months ago. Railroad bridge been paying out dozens to 1 gallon of 5 to 7 inch shrimp when conditions are ideal. South Florida and Keys are also not as strong as last season. Titusville pier is open. Get out there when a spinning low arrives out front of a cold front. When winds are S or W, and blowing 5 mph and up, get your nets wet. If you pull a shrimp that looks bizarre, it most likely a mutant or pure breed Asian Tiger shrimp. It could have orange racing stripe, yellow or black colors or any combo of colors. Report it to me, freeze it intact so it can be DNA tested. As the season picks up. I will give you the Intel right here on SF.

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  1. JC January 7, 2019 at 9:00 pm

    It’s awesome to get some intel on the shrimping here! Thanks for the great info, Lee! Hopefully we’re in for a good run this year.

  2. Capt. Lee Noga January 8, 2019 at 8:17 am

    Hi JC,

    Brevard was the most worried and they are doing well in both Sebastian area as well as Railroad bridge. For the first week of January, this is great news. Some will argue, “Nah, it was screaming buckets this time 2 seasons ago”

    True but hurricane Mathew blew in a billion shrimp package into Central . Fla of white shrimp meant for Jacksonville. They were daylight runner white shrimp with blue/green tail that love light, attracted to light caught during day time via cast net at relief bridge entering parking lot Max Brewer Bridge. They kept Volusia squealing all season at night. Last season, few whites showed up but this year I’m seeing them in Brevard during Dec 2018. Season will be epic I predict. Judt 4 weeks late. February probably gonna be the month. Max Brewer boat ramp fenced off for repairs next 3 months. BTW, we rather pinks and browns, I’m not a fan of the whites taste unless fried.

  3. waterboy January 9, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    Epic season? I better get to dusting off my gear now!

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