Weekly Fishing Report: 3.13.2018 – 3.19.2018

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3.13.2018 – 3.19.2018


Click here to watch this week’s FULL fishing & catching highlight reel with audio.

Space Coast Fishing Report: 3.13.2018 - 3.19.2018

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Click here to watch this week’s fishing & catching highlight reel.


We’re through ten weeks of 2018 and the opportunities to get offshore have been few and far between. This week we will see a break in that pattern as it looks like we got a BIG window with the winds slowing down towards and through the weekend. Kiss your shamrock, eat your Lucky Charms, and get offshore this weekend — and you might just find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (or at least a mahi or two). If you can’t get out fishing, there’s always Meg O’Malley’s Shamrockin’ Festival in downtown Melbourne on Saturday…

On the State of the Lagoon…

Guys and gals, there’s no doubt we’re at a pivotal juncture regarding the health and future of the Banana River and Indian River Lagoon. There’s not really an eloquent way to put it — the situation sucks big time, but here we are. At Spacefish, we’ve got a few things in development to help promote ongoing conservation efforts, and we’d like your input. If you want to talk about the state of the lagoon and promote awareness, please get in touch.

With that being said, we’ve taken a bit of flack for promoting headlines like “the inshore bite is HOT right now.” These types of negative reactions are expected, given the facts that — 1) we are facing another potential fish kill and 2) the condition of the lagoon is arguably the worst it’s ever been, and 3) this is an internet publication; but, HEY, while it’s frustrating and disheartening to see another major algae bloom develop, there’s still good — and even great — fishing going on right now. You can be a champion for lagoon conservation and contemporaneously enjoy fishing those very same waters; the two are NOT mutually exclusive. So if you love fishing, get out there and get it done!



New Bass Fishing Paradise in Our Backyard

Ryan Wood of RWood Outdoors is back with another awesome story this week. Some readers may already be familiar with Ryan, but he hasn’t really had a proper introduction here on Spacefish. We want to be the first to tell you — this guy is the real deal. Ryan is a successful engineering manager for Matrix Composites, Inc., located in Rockledge. But when he’s not working on top secret projects for NASA and SpaceX, he’s outdoors on the water CRUSHING fish, whether it be back country bass fishing, battling monster tarpon by kayak, or reeling in bull sharks from an island campsite, he does it all, right here on the Space Coast — and documents all of these experiences on camera.

Check out his latest adventure as he explores a brand new (and incredible) bass fishing opportunity right here in Brevard’s own backyard. And also, if you love watching bad ass fishing videos, check out Ryan on his RWood Outdoors Youtube Channel — and be sure to subscribe!


Ocean Obession II - Port Canaveral Deep Sea Fishing Charters




Follow Alan Ryland & Jose “Pepi” Vidal of Team SeaDek as we chronicle their adventures during the 2018 Redfish Tournament Season. Alan & Pepi are Brevard County residents and longtime friends that have teamed up to compete against some of the best inshore anglers in the US. We will follow their progress throughout the season as they compete in the Power-Pole Florida Pro Redfish Series and the Inshore Fishing Associations(IFA) Redfish Tour. And most importantly, help us cheer on our home team guys!


Ocean Obession II - Port Canaveral Deep Sea Fishing Charters









Sea Trout Fishing

Sea Trout

The spring spawning pattern has started to kick into gear and we're seeing the trout bite hot throughout the Mosquito and Indian River Lagoons.
Mangrove Snapper Fishing

Mangrove Snapper

Mangrove snapper are being caught all over Brevard County right now, from Haulover Canal, south around Mathers Bridge and the Eau Gallie Causeway, and Sebastian Inlet.
Redfish Fishing


Apparently it's the week of the red because bull and slot sized fish are being caught in mass from Mosquito Lagoon to Sebastian Inlet. But then again, maybe it's just because nearly EVERYONE has been fishing inshore due to the recent winds...
Whiting Fishing


The water in the surf is pretty dirty across most of Brevard's coastline, but the whiting bite has been solid all over the place.
Red Snapper Fishing

Red Snapper

If you can get your bait past them, the grouper bite has really started to pick up, too.
Largemouth Bass Fishing

Largemouth Bass

If winds are running strong and the algae bloom in the lagoon (particularly the Banana) have you uneasy, it's a great time to go bass fishing. Check out Ryan Wood's story on bass fishing the new Fellsmere spot.

Palm Bay Marina Boat Club

Word on the Bite

In every week’s Spacefish fishing report, we turn to both fishing pros and average joe’s for input on what’s happening in and around Brevard County’s many fisheries. Check out what people are saying about the bite in the Space Coast this week:

On the Radio With Mark Moses: 3/16/2018
March 16, 2018

On the Radio With Mark Moses: 3/16/2018

Spacefish checks in with the Mark Moses Show on Sports Radio 1960AM THE FAN. We discuss the offshore bite heading into the weekend, the Fellsmere Water Management Area along with Ryan Wood’s accompanying story, the SALTY SARGE doing it big in Satellite Beach, and more. Thanks to Mark Moses for hosting us again. If you’re a fan of sports and sporting, be sure to tune into Mark’s show on week days from 3 – 6pm!

by JC

Surf Report for Satellite Beach and Spessard Holland North Beach
March 16, 2018

Surf Report for Satellite Beach and Spessard Holland North Beach

Surf Fishing with the Sarge

Salty Sarge here for a little update on the surf fishing report. For Wednesday, the 14th of March, the Satellite Beach bite has been weak. The wind blowing and the rip current pulling south makes for some challenging fishing. Although I was able to land some small whitening and some black drum. All of the fish were caught using frozen shrimp.

At Spessard Holland North Beach on March 16th, the wind was blowing south and the rip current was still pulling south. The bite was better, getting hits on clams, shrimp and cut finger mullet. In the early morning we landed 3 whiting and one small black drum on clams and shrimp. We switched to cut mullet and got two nice size blue fish. Other anglers were getting blues just 300 or so yards to the north of us on cut mullet as well. So the blue fish are definitely running right now. Try using 4oz -5oz or a Sputnik weight which will hold a bit better then your standard pyramid weight (a Sputnik weight is a lead weight with 4 or more stainless steal or copper probes that bite into the sand that help the weight stay in place).

That’s it for the Salty Sarge — over and out!

Monsters Under Mathers
March 12, 2018

Monsters Under Mathers

Salty Sarge here again with some serious action coming out of Mathers Bridge this weekend! We started off at Man Over Board for the bait, picking up dozens of shrimp and frozen mullet.

Once to the bridge, we hit it hard landing small mangrove snappers and some nice speckled trout. The channel cats were out and about as well. Lots of pin fish near the mangroves and some keeper sheep heads as well. There’s always a common thread here with the Salty Sarge — monster fish is what we want and here is a little tale of Billy The KID.

My buddy, Billy the Kid, shows up ready to do some work on some fish. The kid comes out with the gear, 5ft Medium to heavy rod with a hell of a reel. Billy had his setup perfect — heavy duty 60lb breaded line and 80 pound leader, joining the two using a AB knot or (Alternate Blood knot) paired with SZ 6/0 hook and a 5oz pyramid weight. With the wind and the tide pulling north we set on the north side of the bridge as to let the current pull the baits into the channel. Billy had a nice size mullet maybe around 12inch which he cut into two pieces. He Baited it up and casted around 20yds into the channel. As the bait sat we managed to land some pin fish, trout and some more small mangrove snappers. Then, IT HAPPENED.

Billy’s rod started hitting, click, click, click, then followed by that sound every angler wants to hear, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Billy flips the trigger on the reel and hits it hard. At this point the fish is taking line like no one’s businesses. His rod was being pulled hard but he keeps on the fight. Taking drag and having a fight of the Kid’s life. We finally saw the leader come to the surface. RED DRUM comes out and breaks the surface. I drop the dunk net into the water and try to slide it underneath this monster. We get it in the net and we pull it over the bridge railing. We all were shaken by it’s massive size. It’s a monster Red Drum. We get the pictures and measurement of 46,” but no weight because my scale couldn’t handle the beast. We releases the massive Red back to the water.

The week before we also helped another angler land a 30″ 10 pound monster red drum. So Mathers Bridge has been producing some major fish and has got the locals coming out as well as the out-of-towners to get in on the fun. All and all it has just been a great week full of fishing at Mathers Bridge. Salty Sarge over and out!
Salty Sarge 478-919 -7640 Fishing Guide

Clean Water Pushed into the Lagoon
March 12, 2018

Clean Water Pushed into the Lagoon

Nice Snook caught at Sebastian Inlet with Capt. Glyn Austin

The high winds and rough seas have made fishing the beach tough this last week but pushed a lot of clean water into the lagoon, which needed it very badly. But at the end of the week and weekend the weather was nice enough to get outside and find some fish. The inlet bite slowed down quite a bit for Snook and Redfish but if you put in the time, the fish were cooperative.

With the higher water levels and clean water, the inshore bite was pretty good with some trout, jacks and ladyfish on the menu around the deeper mangrove shorelines and they were hitting the Storm 360GT Coastal Paddle tail baits and jerk baits. Pompano, jacks, mackerel and bluefish pushed inshore around the inlet. Goofy jigs work best for the Pompano but the Mackerel, Blues and Jacks were eating the Paddle tail baits worked deep.

by Capt. Glyn Austin
Going Coastal Charters | (321) 863-8085

The Bulls Are Biting!
March 12, 2018

The Bulls Are Biting!

strong redfish bite in the Indian River Lagoon

This past week the bite has been very good for giant redfish in the Indian River Lagoon near Titusville. We are casting hand picked shrimp to these bulls and fighting them on 12-15 pound class tackle. Black drum are mixed in as well but the main species are the reds. The water has been rising most of the week and this has the fish moving around a lot, but when you find them they are usually cooperative which makes for a fun time for my anglers.

by Capt. Jim Ross
Fine Line Fishing Charters | (321) 636-3728

Windy, but Still Catching
March 12, 2018

Windy, but Still Catching

So much wind lately, but we’re still catching in the shallows of the Mosquito Lagoon.

Protected backwaters have been producing good catches of trout and redfish. Tony, my most frequent client, has been having a ball throwing top-water walking plugs. Starting at first light and often through the morning the bite has been consistent.

Actually, the bite has been better with Z-Man Minnowz and Diezel Minnowz rigged weedless. Slow roll these three and four inch soft plastic lures near the bottom and hold on. Often a stop and go retrieve results in more and more aggressive bites than the “slow roll” retrieve. Experiment a bit on your retrieval and let the fish tell you want they want at the time.

Tailing fish are usually eager to eat a shrimp whether live or plastic. I like adding a bit of Pro-Cure shrimp scent to my soft plastic EZ Shrimpz. I’m firm believer in scented lures, especially when an extremely slow or “dead stick” presentation is necessary.

As I write this we have a cold front sitting on top of us. Dropping air and water temperatures will change things in the coming days. I’m actually happy for the temperature drop as the water temps were climbing well over normal for late winter/early spring conditions. If the winds settle down a bit I’m expecting great fishing in the very near future!

by Capt. Mark Wright
Florida East Coast Fishing Adventures | (321) 302-3474

Inlet Snook and Trout
March 12, 2018

Inlet Snook and Trout

Big black drum

The snook bite had picked back up at the inlet. Large live shrimp are getting it done. Black drum and sheepshead are still being caught in good numbers on the outgoing tide. Use live shrimp and clams for the drum and sand fleas for the sheepshead. There have also been some nice size trout caught west of the catwalk on live shrimp as well.

by Black Dog Bait & Tackle
Black Dog Bait & Tackle | (321) 725-1200

Reel Servicing on Your Down Time
March 12, 2018

Reel Servicing on Your Down Time

Servicing reels on your down time

When the weather puts a damper on your fishing plans, it’s never fun. I’ve learned over the years when we get bad weather, it’s time to get ahead of yourself for the coming season!

One thing I like to do on my down time is service my reels. I was always told “If you take care of your tools, your tools will take care of you!” I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take care of your fishing gear.

I usually take my reels to a professional to service them, such as Mac’s Reel Repair. If you’ve ever tried to service a reel yourself, you can understand how frustrating things can get! All those little springs and pinions… Mac is a Brevard local and is the best at what he does in our area!

He has two drop-off/pick-up locations here on the Space Coast:
North Location: Chum it up (Port Canaveral)
South Location: Strike Zone (Melbourne)

You can also reach him direct at (321) 804-0488 or MACSREELS@GMAIL.COM

Pictured above is a before and after photo of a Shimano Stradic found at the bottom of the river. What it looked like when he found it… then after he cleaned it and brought this beauty back from the dead! It still amazes me how talented Mac really is!

Penn fishing also has a GREAT line of reel & rod cleaning supplies to make sure your equipment is in top shape. And remember that you should always rinse off ALL tackle after every use! Saltwater is the WORST thing for any of your equipment!

I know some days you’re beat up from being on the boat or out in the hot sun on the beach and just wanna relax and sit on the couch… I promise over time if you neglect your fishing gear… Your stuff will lock-up tighter then a pit bulls jaw caught in a junk yard fight!

See ya on the beach!🎣

by Caleb Couture
Tradewinds Surf Fishing Charters, Pompano Riggs by Couture | (321) 271-1061

Big Reds and Snapper at Mathers
March 12, 2018

Big Reds and Snapper at Mathers

We are seeing big redfish at Mather’s Bridge along with mangrove snapper. At Eau Gallie Causeway, there have also been reports of mangrove snapper, sheepshead and some decent trout mixed it. The surf has been challenging this week but for those that were able to fish, there have been solid reports of black drum, big whiting and margate on clams and shrimp. In the Grand Canal, juvenile tarpon have been caught is good numbers.

by Man Overboard Bait & Tackle
Man Overboard Bait & Tackle | (321) 777-8860

Nice Trout in the Mosquito Lagoon
March 12, 2018

Nice Trout in the Mosquito Lagoon

In Mosquito Lagoon there are slot reds being caught on cut mullet. There have been reports of really nice trout exceeding 30″ caught using live finger mullet. The black drum are still around, live shrimp and blue crabs work best when targeting these whiskery critters. In Haulover Canal, there have been reports of mangrove snapper. Live shrimp and mud minnows are the go to bait of choice.

by Capt. Hooks Bait & Tackle
Capt. Hooks Bait & Tackle | (321) 268-4646

Big Jacks in Sebastian River
March 11, 2018

Big Jacks in Sebastian River

Big Jack caught in the Sebastian River

There have been lots of big jacks caught in the Sebastian River this week along with quite a few undersized redfish and sharks. Not as many reports of trout this week, but there have been a handful a big pompano. Anglers are still catching redfish and snook at the inlet and lots of sheepshead are being caught around the docks as well.

by Masterbaiters Bait & Tackle
Masterbaiters Bait & Tackle | (321) 674-2060


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Ocean Obession II - Port Canaveral Deep Sea Fishing Charters


As I write this the wind is ripping and the palm trees are swaying. But not for long! Get ready to dust off your fishing gear because we are in store for a great weather window at the end of the week and continuing into the weekend! Look for the wind to start to subside Wednesday evening as temperatures creep up into the mid to high 70’s throughout weekend. For those of you chomping at the bit to get offshore, this is your weekend, so make it happen captain!


Thanks for reading the Spacefish Weekly fishing report. Since our beginning in January of this year, we’ve now published TEN Brevard County fishing reports — one for every week. Our audience continues to grow each and every week, as does the support from our local community partners and sponsors. We appreciate it. Keep reading, and be sure to check out Spacefish ON THE RADIO every Friday at 4pm on the Mark Moses Show (SPORTS RADIO 1560 THE FAN).

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    Good morning y’all!!! Just read this week’s report, and it sounds great!! Really liked the Lake Egan story!!! Got to find me a cheap canoe!!! How about the bluegill fishing there?? Can you you catch a mess of them on the levee?? I grew up, fishing the canal. My dad would take me there. Back then, we caught lots of soft she’ll turtle and catfish. Anyone ever report those 2 species, in the canal?? I tried fishing the canal, last year, and me and a buddy had 5 types of bait, and not a single bite. The water looks different, than what it did, when I was young. It looks dead. Keep up the great reports!!!!

  2. JC March 13, 2018 at 11:57 pm

    Yo, thanks for stopping by again, Jeff! I also personally really enjoyed the Lake Egan story. Until Ryan’s article, I hadn’t heard anything about it, now I’m dying to check it out. Unfortunately, I sold my kayaks a few years ago but am now back in the market looking for a new one. Freshwater has never been my thing, but if you post your question as a comment on Ryan’s story, I’m sure he’ll give you some great answers!

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