24 Oct 2018… C – 54 back to check out one of my favorite areas. Bassapalooza…quit counting at 20,that’s as high as I can go with my education. I troll 3 rods at a time, a tandem rigged pair of Rapalas, a safety pin Spinner and a Rapala UL Minnow. Three different times the tandem rig brought in doubles. Twice all three rods went off at the same time. Managed to land 2 of the fish each time, lost the third one. Specktacula…slow today, managed to get 3 in the 12 inch range. Was hoping to do better. Exotica…a couple of Mayan Cichlids and a Tilapia that was a shade under 5 pounds. Dinner…6 Copperheads, these will probably always be my favorites. Water to the Cattle Crossing Bridge pretty good. Further West really dirty. Gar up and active, fun until you have to get the hook out. Mystery fish today. Hit the safety pin spinner. Looked like someone threw a big trash can in the water. Peeled off 75 yards of 4 # and got half way into the mono backing. Motor in reverse could not keep up. Most of the time the bigger fish run to the deep part and go into idle mode, not this one. Finally straightened the hook. Inspection showed no roughed area on plastic, but showed slime similar to a sailcat.